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Posters, flyers, flyers for clubs, theaters, event industry; outdoor advertising; corporate identity development; logo creation; business cards; book graphics; prepress preparation, etc.

Website design; social media design; advertising banners for websites; design of corporate newsletters and others.

Graphic design

Web design


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Elena Medyakova / Lena Copper

Graphic & Web Designer

I am a Graphic and Web Designer with more than 15 years of experience.

I have a lot of background in both Print and Web design. My specialties include web design, Wix websites (including mobile), SEO and marketing material such as brochures, catalogs, banners, banner ads, emails, flyers, social media graphics, theater posters, business cards, branding, logo design, icon design, corporate identity, packaging, etc.

My favorite projects includes Theater posters, Wix web design and all types of graphic work, but I also love to take on new challenges to expand my portfolio and knowledge.

I always try to come up with simple and creative solutions to the communication needs of the project. I love what I do and I truly take pride in providing high quality work and making my clients happy.


  • Quickly learn and love what I do.

  • I am able to listen and hear my clients.

  • I can understand my clients, even when the request sounds like: "Make the black less black"

  • I know how to work in a short time.

  • I can run several projects at the same time.

Hard Skills:
Adobe Photoshop


Graphic Design

Logo Design

Web Design



Vector Graphic

Corporate identity

Business Card Design

Print Design

Print Advertising

Print Layout Design

Photo Editing

Brochure Design

Flyer Design

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Office

Soft Skills:
Analytical thinking

Marketing and PR

Knowledge management

Problem solving

Customer focus